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Reasons to be Disgusted by McGwire and Company

Posted on: January 14, 2010 4:02 pm

REASON 1 - Isn't it ironic that they wanted to give Roger Maris an asterisk for hitting 61 home runs, yet it will be Mark McGwire (and Barry Bonds, for that matter) that will have the asterisk next to their names for breaking Roger's single-season HR record while under the influence of steroids. What goes around, comes around, huh?

REASON 2 - Speaking of Bonds, when the hell are they gonna convict this guy? I know our justice system is slow, but at the pace it's going, Bonds will be eligible for the Hall of Fame before they put him behind bars for perjury.

REASON 3 - If McGwire is convinced 'roids had nothing to do with the numbers he put up, they why did he feel the need to call the Maris family up to apologize? The record is legit in Mark's eyes, so no tearful remorse toward the Maris family is necessary, is it?

REASON 4 - Your eye-to-hand coordination was the major reason you hit so many home runs, right Mark? If that's so, then why was your career batting average just .263? Shouldn't it be well over 300? That's because steroids are more about power (a.k.a home runs) than batting eye. And that's why your HR records are worthless.

REASON 5 - We're supposed to believe Tony LaRussa knew nothing about Mark's steroid use until the day he announced it. Ya right. LaRussa is a bigger fraud than McGwire. Mark loved Tony, confided to the father-figure that Tony was to him, and was his manager. LaRussa saw him work out every day and talk to him every day. Gym rats openly talked about steroids every day. But Tony didn't know. PLEASE!!!

REASON 6 - Why in the world is Bud Selig letting him back in the game? The Commissioner's NUMBER ONE JOB is to PROTECT THE INTEGRITY of his sport? WHAT INTEGRITY??? NBA ref Tim Donaghy helped fix the scores of basketball games ... will HE ever be allowed back in the game? Of course not! Pete Rose affected the outcome of games by gambling on them ... when did HE get re-instated to the game of baseball? Never! Mark McGwire's steroid-induced home runs directly changed the outcome of games. But HE (and others like A-Rod) are allowed back??? How can you ever trust them again? Just 'cause Mark's a nice guy and he's sorry?

FINAL THOUGHT - The # 1 reason baseball players have admitted to steroid use is: THEY GOT CAUGHT!! That and they want to continue in the game and make lots of easy money. Everyone with half a brain knew McGwire did 'em. Every one that came out and apologized because they want to keep pitching (Pettite), keep hitting (Giambi, A-Rod), or be a coach (McGwire) The stiffs that run baseball - and the suckers that watch them (us fans) just say "Oh, that's ok guys, thanks for being SO honest with us, we forgive you" - has assured that the game will continue to be thrown in the toilet along with the needles and masking agents that cover up their rampant use of Human Growth Hormones.  MAKES ME SICK.

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