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Reasons to be Disgusted by McGwire and Company

REASON 1 - Isn't it ironic that they wanted to give Roger Maris an asterisk for hitting 61 home runs, yet it will be Mark McGwire (and Barry Bonds, for that matter) that will have the asterisk next to their names for breaking Roger's single-season HR record while under the influence of steroids. What goes around, comes around, huh?

REASON 2 - Speaking of Bonds, when the hell are they gonna convict this guy? I know our justice system is slow, but at the pace it's going, Bonds will be eligible for the Hall of Fame before they put him behind bars for perjury.

REASON 3 - If McGwire is convinced 'roids had nothing to do with the numbers he put up, they why did he feel the need to call the Maris family up to apologize? The record is legit in Mark's eyes, so no tearful remorse toward the Maris family is necessary, is it?

REASON 4 - Your eye-to-hand coordination was the major reason you hit so many home runs, right Mark? If that's so, then why was your career batting average just .263? Shouldn't it be well over 300? That's because steroids are more about power (a.k.a home runs) than batting eye. And that's why your HR records are worthless.

REASON 5 - We're supposed to believe Tony LaRussa knew nothing about Mark's steroid use until the day he announced it. Ya right. LaRussa is a bigger fraud than McGwire. Mark loved Tony, confided to the father-figure that Tony was to him, and was his manager. LaRussa saw him work out every day and talk to him every day. Gym rats openly talked about steroids every day. But Tony didn't know. PLEASE!!!

REASON 6 - Why in the world is Bud Selig letting him back in the game? The Commissioner's NUMBER ONE JOB is to PROTECT THE INTEGRITY of his sport? WHAT INTEGRITY??? NBA ref Tim Donaghy helped fix the scores of basketball games ... will HE ever be allowed back in the game? Of course not! Pete Rose affected the outcome of games by gambling on them ... when did HE get re-instated to the game of baseball? Never! Mark McGwire's steroid-induced home runs directly changed the outcome of games. But HE (and others like A-Rod) are allowed back??? How can you ever trust them again? Just 'cause Mark's a nice guy and he's sorry?

FINAL THOUGHT - The # 1 reason baseball players have admitted to steroid use is: THEY GOT CAUGHT!! That and they want to continue in the game and make lots of easy money. Everyone with half a brain knew McGwire did 'em. Every one that came out and apologized because they want to keep pitching (Pettite), keep hitting (Giambi, A-Rod), or be a coach (McGwire) The stiffs that run baseball - and the suckers that watch them (us fans) just say "Oh, that's ok guys, thanks for being SO honest with us, we forgive you" - has assured that the game will continue to be thrown in the toilet along with the needles and masking agents that cover up their rampant use of Human Growth Hormones.  MAKES ME SICK.

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Overhauling the Hall of Fame Voting Process

The Hall of Fame voting is antiquated and flawed. The Baseball Writers Association of America consists of 539 members who vote for the Hall of Fame. Some of them are too old to even READ the ballot, let alone research the players who are eligible. Some of them have their own personal agendas, prejudices and vendettas against players they don't like - accounting for the 15-year wait for Jim Rice to be elected.

Others have this idea of "first-ballot" hall of famers, and won't vote for someone in the 1st year of eligibility just on general principal. Some feel that a player must be "an elite" no-brainer to be elected. And there are actual a few that don't even bother to fill out the damn ballot or turn one in on time.

The Baseball Hall of Fame is the most popular, interesting, and sacred Hall of all sports - or at least it SHOULD BE. Everyone has an opinion on baseball players, and can back up their claims with stats. They can watch video of them and can recall vivid memories of the amazing things players have done on the ball field.

Football's Hall is a close second, but who can recite the stats of some offensive lineman who is eligible for the Hall of Fame. Based on what - how many BLOCKS he made? No. The number of championships he won? Maybe, but it took contributions from many teammates to win a Super Bowl. But baseball? We've got numbers up the ying-yang, especially now with the advent of sybermetricts (although we STILL can't quantify defense very well.)

Ok. On to the changes. Number 1: Narrow the field of eligible voters by forming a panel that contains the most respected writers, former players and managers, front office people and scouts and limit it to 100 voters. And establish a small panel to re-evaluate this voter list every 5 years and make any changes necessary . With just 100 spots available, you can be sure that those that vote will work hard at keeping that honor.

Secondly, why in the world does someone stay on the ballot for 15 years? Did the player's stats change during that time? Of course not. All that could happen during that time is voters finally vote in a deserving candidate because the pressure's on to do so. Limit the voting period to 5 years. That should be plenty long enough to get it right. If they are not in by then, then they don't derserve it, evidently.

Third, enforce the voting rules. He is supposed to be judged on record, playing ability, sportsmanship and character. If you think a player is worthy of the Hall of Fame, vote him in - now! He's either a Hall of Famer, or he's not! Let's not wait till the man dies before we get him in - let him enjoy the fruits of his labor right away. And the voting staff is a small enough number that someone can be designated to talk to each voter and listen to his (or her) rational to see if he is following the rules to the letter.

Finally, this is the fan's Hall of Fame, not just some stuffy old-timers who hang around museums and talk about the good ol' days. Every year form a panel of fans who account for at least 1 or 2 of the 100 voting spots. How is this done? There are blogs like these from fans who care about the game. Do your homework and find 'em.  They play fantasy baseball, too.  A joke - not at all. Fantasy players know more about who's who in the game than any sportswriter or talk show host I've ever heard. (Of course, being the Sports Commish, I get 1 vote for the Hall too, baby!
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McGwire Admits to Steroid Use - What Now?

Mark McGwire admitted to steroid use. The last time I was shocked like that was when it was proven that the world is ROUND, not flat! I suppose the next thing you'll tell me is Clemens and Bonds cheated too! And let's not get carried away by Mark's tearful confession. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he's sorry. Boo hoo. Madoff is sorry he cheated all those people out of money, too. That's Ok, Bernie. Release him from prison - he's sorry.

The fact now is he knowingly cheated the game, knew it was wrong, and got caught with his pants down (pun intended). Now he wants our forgiveness so he can get back into the game he "loves". How 'bout you return the millions of dollars you made hitting a gazillion home runs pumped up with steroids? OH - you're not THAT sorry, are you ... didn't think so.

What to do now? Since the acting commish of baseball HAS no balls (and knew something was going on and looked the other way), I am now taking over and will clean up the game that has been dragged through the mud by 3 major scandals: The Steroid Era, the Pete Rose Betting Scandal, and the Black Sox Scandal.

First course of action may be radical and will be met with outrage, shock, and awe. EVERYONE THAT HAS BEEN FOUND TO HAVE DONE STEROIDS IS HEREIN BANNED FROM BASEBALL FOR LIFE, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!! I can't stand the guy, but why should Pete Rose be singled out? The stain and stench that is steroids will forever be a part of history. As Commish and a Baseball Addict I'm going to DO something about it.

So long Alex Rodriguez. Good bye Jason Giambi. See ya (and this kills me being a Red Sox fan) Manny Ramirez and Big Papi. Go away Mark McGwire. Don't even THINK about coming back Rafael Palmeiro. We don't need ya.

Having the power I have, I'm even banning players who have are SUSPECTED of steriod use: Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds.

Think about this for a minute: Did NBA's David Stern allow referee Tim Donaghy back into the NBA after he it was discovered he made decisions on the court that fixed games? Of course not - that would be absurd, right? Well that's EXACTLY what Bud Selig, Tony LaRussa and the St Louis Cardinal organization has done. How can we trust him? His steroid use altered the results of games played - just like Donaghy. And you want him to be the hitting coach for Albert Pujols? You must be kidding me. He's already in question because of the numbers he puts up! And you are adding McGwire -  a known steroid abuser for his entire career??  No matter how sorry he is, he was part of an era that has put extreme doubt in everyone's mind as to who is and was doing steroids; put into question the ligitimacy of Yankee, Red Sox and every other championship team of the last 20 years.

A-Rod finally admits steroid use, but we're to believe it only happened while he was a Ranger. Andy Pettite says "I only did it once" .. oh wait "Only a couple of times." Bonds thought it was flaxseed oil. Blah, blah, blah, lies, lies, lies. Cheating and lying go hand in hand. Just ask Tiger Woods.

You want to REALLY clean up the sport? GET RID OF THESE GUYS! The sport doesn't need them. Baseball was GREAT with Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron. It was amazing watching Nolan Ryan, Pedro Martinez, Bob Gibson. It will CONTINUE to be great in years to come. But only when we remove the cancer that has spread throughout the game. I will pressure Congress, Federal Authorities, and whoever else stands in my way to get the REST of the names on that leaking list of users and boot them out the damn door, too.

THIS IS A ONLY STEP ONE. More daring and effective solutions to sport's problems in upcoming blogs.

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